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I’m Alexander, currently based in London United Kingdom after many years of traveling around the  world.

I can now finally call this old island my home. 

I enjoy capturing moments and make them as real as they are with little to no post editing.


I love creating a story with every moments I capture .

From a spontaneous moment during street photography to directing a portrait shoot or wedding. Whilst working, I choose my words carefully, always with an  intention behind it. 

If I stay quiet, then that means I like what I see.

Directing isn’t just about shouting all the time, its about finding the best within a situation/moment and bring it out for the camera to capture it . 

I believe my work reflects this. 

I love eating Belgian chocolate and I do this weird thing of waving at cats or dogs or any animals to be fair, to say hello . 

Besides that and my bad dad jokes, I'm pretty normal person with a good eye and sense of story telling.

Some say it's not good to be Jack of all trades and one should focus on one specialisation. 

I disagree.

Jack of all trades master of none, not oftentimes better than master of one. 

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