Getting married is an important day for both parties and for some it can be stressful , exciting, emotional experience.

On the day so much is happening we can get overwhelmed:

Has the flowers arrived ?

Has the cake been delivered ?

Where are my heels ?

Where is the dress.... Oh my god where is my ring ?

Its fine, I got it !

Getting Ready II .jpg
Ring I .jpg

During this special occasion you can be sure of one thing.

The photographer Alexander  will be there to capture these crucial and  also overlooked important moments.

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I like to capture all these moments, some that we don't pay attention to.

There is a lot going on at the center stage but equally as much in the backstage and in the public.

The spectators and the behind the scenes that could  often be taken for granted .


Home IX.jpg

I believe they are equally as important as the reactions captured really says a lot.

I also believe a photographer shouldn't be taking too much of the attention and should be at safe distance (especially now)  for all those whom were invited to the experience this special occasion.


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                                                                                                             How I work:

During such event, I  make sure to be as discrete as possible and not interfere in this one time experience.

This experience is yours and as a photographer I am merely there to capture these precious moments and to create memories for you can all look back to.

I use top end equipment and the pictures you will receive will be at a high level of quality and can print very large prints or see amazing details on a big screen

You will have the flexibility to crop or frame any picture to you liking, giving it another story without any loss of quality:


Every wedding is different so is the pricing. Therefore please don't be shy to contact me for pricing and availability as well as package you wish to have.

You can take the photography or video only . If you were to ask for both that is also possible.

All you images will be stored for you to choose  on an online cloud service .

Most of my photography has a natural feel with the bare minimum of post editing.

At the end of the day it is you.

I want to keep it that way but don't worry. If its a bad day for you I will make sure that spot was never there .

I look forward to hearing from you and have a little look at this great wedding below.