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Getting married is an important day for both parties and for some, it can be stressful, exciting and emotional experience.

On the day, so much will be happening that it can be overwhelming for some.

Has the flowers arrived ?

Has the cake been delivered ?

Where are my heels ?

Where is the dress.... Oh my god! Where is my ring ?

One thing is for certain , you won't have to worry about the photographer, I'll be there . 

Ring I .jpg
Getting Ready II .jpg

When I shoot weddings, I like to capture all the moments, even those we don't pay attention to.

There is a lot going in center stage but equally as much in the backstage.

Everyone is a character, an extra and has a role on this occasion. To my eyes, everything and everyone present is production value.

Even when things don't go to plan. 

In the end you'll even want the bloopers , they are great to have for later . Trust me , everyone loves bloopers. 


Home V.jpg

I also believe a photographer at a wedding shouldn't be taking too much of the attention and should be discrete.

It's a special day for the both of you , not his.

As a photographer I just should  just there to capture the moments and for you to look back one day at all these memories.

Home IV.jpg
Home IX.jpg


As an extra service, I also offer  wedding book compilation.

Each book will be a bespoke experience and tailored to you . 

If you wish to see samples of wedding albums simply ask . 

I offer Video services as well, simply specify what you are after.


I use top end equipment and the pictures you will receive will be at a high level of quality and can be printed  large format. 

Below is an example of one shot cropped three times, to show how the quality isn't lost even zoomed in .

Cropping is an art, as it can tell a different story or emphasis  certain aspects.




I look forward to hearing from you soon. 
Any question do let me know. 

Don't be shy, give it a try ,

Alexander Hansez

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