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Having worked in the performing arts such as plays, ballets, film festivals, film productions and on screen.

I understand how important it is to have a good headshot. 

Working alongside casting directors I understood what they are after.

When I say "they", I do mean the people looking for you. Those looking for the talents that will perform in their next production. 

Whether you are for the part or not that isn't my goal, what I am here to do is capture you. "You" being the best version of yourself. I wil not airbrush you or change your eyes a different colour. 

If you show up at a casting and look nothing like the pictures, trust me , they will remember you. 


I also realised that headshots these days are expensive. This , for actors who mights have just graduated, or wanting to start.

One of the other reasons why I started this business. I want headshots to be accessible for all without hindering on quality. 

During my shoots, I will guide you, direct you so we can capture different emotions, expressions.

These would be useful to have for you CV or Spotlight account. Showing a pallet of emotions is important .

You will receive thereafter , a high quality series of headshots to which will represent you and I do hope, will get you through the door of a casting.

The rest , it is on you and your  performance . 

Remember, its not that your wrong its that you're not right.


Portraits are headshots are sometimes compared to each other being similar. Although they share some similarities they are also very different. As different as stage acting and screen acting are different. 

Portraits takes a different art to it and also captures the subject differently. The goal isn't necessarily to capture the subject in the best way or form .

I like to see it  more as a  philosophical approach to the subject. The portrait experience will be a more tailored one.

Each individual is different therefore the approach and result will be as such.

I want to capture who you are and not what you necessarily look like. I want to bring out yourself as other may see you or show them a side they haven't seen yet.  

I would like to point out that humans are not the only ones that can have a portrait done. I accept any animals, from cats and dogs to fluffy bunnies. 

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